Gone are the days when a nation’s security could be measured by bombers and battleships. Security in this new era requires harnessing all of America’s strengths: the force of our diplomacy; the might of our military; the vigor and competitiveness of our economy; and the power of our ideals.

We believe that America must lead in the pursuit of our common goals and shared security. We must confront international challenges with our partners and with all the tools at our disposal and address emerging problems before they become security crises. And to do this we must forge a bipartisan consensus here at home.

ASP brings together prominent American business leaders, former members of Congress, retired military flag officers, and prominent former government officials. ASP conducts research on a broad range of issues and engages and empowers the American public by taking its findings directly to them via events, traditional & new media, meetings, and publications.

We live in a time when the threats to our security are as complex and diverse as terrorism, nuclear proliferation, climate change, energy challenges, and our economic wellbeing. Partisan bickering and age old solutions simply won’t solve our problems. America – and the world – needs an honest dialogue about security that is as robust as it is realistic.

ASP exists to promote that dialogue, to forge that consensus, and to spur constructive action so that America meets the challenges to its security while seizing the opportunities that abound.

About our team

Lieutenant General Norman Seip, USAF (Ret.)

Lt Gen Norman Seip, USAF (Ret.) is the President of the American Security Project (ASP).

Lt Gen Seip retired from the United States Air Force in 2009 after serving for 35 years. During his time in the Air Force, Seip was a command pilot with more than 4,500 flying hours, primarily in fighter aircraft and has flown in support of numerous military operations and contingencies around the world. Seip also managed both Air Force assets and personnel in numerous commands.

Our staff

Matthew Wallin

Chief Operating Officer

Matthew Wallin is ASP’s Chief Operating Officer, and has led ASP’s research on public diplomacy and strategic communications since 2011. As an expert in national security strategy and international relations, Matthew’s work at ASP has also focused on nuclear security, US-Russia relations, and asymmetric operations.

Jessica Yllemo

Senior Fellow for Climate Security

Jessica Olcott Yllemo is a national security professional with 15 years of experience at the nexus of complex global issues. Ms. Yllemo has provided critical support to a variety of state, federal, and international programs, specifically targeted at chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) related disaster response, emergency preparedness, and building partnership capacity programs.